Consumer Complicity With Counterfeit Products In Indonesia

Actual Problems of Economics. №1(175) 2016

Consumer Complicity With Counterfeit Products In Indonesia

Osa Omar Sharif, Amelia Fitria Asanah, Dini Turipanam Alamanda


The objective of this research was to find out the influences of collectivism, hedonic shopping experience, ethical concern, and perceived quality on consumer complicity with counterfeit fashion products in Indonesia. The questionnaires were distributed online to 400 respondents which came from various provinces in Indonesia. The analysis of the results leads us to the conclusion about a positive influence of collectivism and perceived quality towards consumer complicity, ethical concern has a negative influence on consumer complicity, the influence of hedonic shopping experience on consumer complicity is found insignificant.

Keywords: collectivism; hedonic shopping; ethical concerns; perceived quality; counterfeit product;Indonesia.

Identification of Customer Values in Telecommunication Service Industry A Case of Postpaid Cellular Customers in Indonesia

 The 3rd International Conference of Information and Communication Technology, ICOICT 27-29 Mei 2015, Bali

Identification of Customer Values in Telecommunication Service Industry
A Case of Postpaid Cellular Customers in Indonesia

Husni Amani, Dini Turipanam Alamanda, and Grisna Anggadwita


The vast development of mobile technologies has led to a competitive environment between the existing providers of telecommunication services in delivering their best offers to create customer values. Among their customers, postpaid subscribers have a distinguished position due to their exclusive characteristics which require special treatments from respective providers. This study aims to identify customer values created by telecommunications services provider, particularly for postpaid subscribers. A descriptive and causal analysis with further examination using Structural Equation Modeling is taken as the research methodology. There are 650 postpaid subscribers of 3 major telecommunications service providers in Indonesia, i.e. Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata, asked to be the respondents. The results indicate that to create customer values particularly for postpaid mobile customers, companies should prioritize the development and performance improvement of customers’ relationship management, a deeper integration of customer characteristics, and an improved marketing mix. Looking at these results, this study offers a strategic step for telecommunication service providers in improving customer values as a means to increase customer loyalty to their services.

Keywords— customer relationship management; customer values; telecommunication service providers; marketing mix

Mapping of Tablet PC Based On Consumer Perception (Case Study of Bandung Electronic Center Visitors)

Jurnal Manajemen Bisnis Indonesia. Publisher: Forum Manajemen Indonesia. Volume 2. Oktober 2014. Issue: Manajemen Bisnis

Mapping of Tablet PC Based On Consumer Perception
(Case Study of Bandung Electronic Center Visitors)

Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Gamal Argi, Arif Partono

Gadget development is becoming a phenomenon which attract the world’s attention today. Sophisticated telecommunications technology encourages the creation of new gadget especially Tablet PC. More and more people using this gadget to replace their computer use. The purpose of this study was to map the position of several Tablet PC brands such as Apple, Samsung, Smartfren, Acer, and ASUS based on the perception of Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) visitors. Each day, around 25.000-40.000 visitors visit the BEC which is the largest electronic mall in Bandung.

This is an exploratory reseach using the descriptive method. Multidimensional scaling technique used to mapped the 5 Tablet PC brands into six dimensions; product feature, brand, price, battery consumption (endurance), lifestyle and design. The questionnaires were delivered to 100 respondents using purposive sampling method.

The results of this study indicated that Apple is still the best for product feature based on consumer perceptions . As for the best brand the winner is Samsung followed by Apple, ASUS, Acer and Smartfren. Based on price dimension the cheapest Tablet PC is Smartfren and Apple is the most expensive. Samsung is also the winner in the field of battery power consumption and Acer is the worst. The best Tablet PC in the field of the lifestyle is Samsung followed by Apple, ASUS, Acer and Smartfren. Finally, Tablet PC with the best design also goes to Samsung then followed by Apple, ASUS, Acer and Smartfren.

Keywords: Consumer Perseption,, Positioning, Multidimensional Scaling Technique, Tablet PC

The Effect of the Work-Family Conflict and Employee’s Job Satisfaction towards the Organization Commitment

Jurnal Siasat Bisnis Vol 18 No 2, Juli 2014. pp:143-151


Harrie Lutfie
Arif Partono Prasetio
Dini Turipanam Alamanda


Companies in Indonesia are facing more challenging business and the high intensity of competition between the players.To cope with the competition, company need to prepare their resources well. The high demand and fierce competition in all industry make the company difficult to find a good people. The scarcity of human resources required the company to maintain the people who already work for them.Employers want their employees to have a strong commitment towards the job and organization. This research will identify the job satisfaction and the work-family conflict experienced by the employees and analyze whether they have an effect towards the organization commitment. We distribute the questionnaire in an online method for two weeks and we have 79 respondents from several industries. The descriptive analysis and multiple regressions conducted to analyze the findings. The research showed the level of work-family conflict experience by employeesare average, the job satisfaction level is quite high, and the organization commitment is at low level. We also found that the relation between work-family conflict and job satisfaction withemployee commitment is relatively weak (R = 0,412). Also the contribution from both independent variables is only 0,169 (16,9%). Simultaneously, the organization commitment affected by the work- family conflict and job satisfaction. Partially, only job satisfaction which significantly affect the organization commitment.

Keywords: work-family conflict, job satisfaction, employee commitment, multiple regressions

 JSB UII 3812-5373-1-PB

Family Gathering 2015

KK SEE mendapatkan juara pertama untuk persembahan KK di Family Gathering pertama (2015) dengan persembahan Iteung dan Kabayan Susah Ekonomi Euy.

Sinopsis penampilan:

Adegan pertama: Iteung dan Kabayan

Adegan kedua: penampilan random

Adegan ketiga: nasihan dari sesepuh

Teriakan-teriakan penyemangat namun gak jelas random (ini disebabkan karena ketua KK nya dalam masa pertumbuhan :D)

OOOOnnnn…. Up

Tu Wa Tu Wa Ga Pat

Niponk Niponk Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha

Kami duduk diatas batu

Niponk-Niponk Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha

Syalalalala galileo

Setiap hari hahahahaha

Tawa canda dimana-dimana

Setiap hari hahahahaha

Kami benci makan pisang (ini mah ngikut lirik lagu aslinya)

Niponk Cha Cha Cha Niponk Cha Cha Cha Niponk Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha

SEE grak SEE grak

Umbara Umba O Menggo

Umbara Umba O Menggo

Zogabora forty go

Zogabora SEE go

KK SEE..nyuci

KK SEE..meres

KK SEE..jemur

Yel-Yel KK SEE:

Yel-Yel KK SEE..SEE memang hebat…SEE memang keren..

Jreng-Jreng …Jreng Jreng Jreng…Jreng Jreng Jreng.

Ikut SEE … Ikut SEE..yang asikkk…yang geboy..

diiiiiiiiiii SEE

 Penampilan lainnya, KK IBM 


Rakor merupakan agenda rutin bulanan KK SEE yang meliputi aktivitas sosialisasi kegiatan KK dalam setahun, sharing knowledge, dan silaturahmi antar anggota KK SEE. Setiap kegiatan Rakor selalu terekam, sehingga dapat ditinjau kembali hal-hal yang dianggap perlu diperbaiki di masa depan serta sebagai indikator capaian kerja baik masing-masing individu maupun seluruh KK SEE.

Rakor 1: 8 Januari 2016

  • Notulensi Rakor KK SEE_1
  • Materi Kegiatan
  • Foto Kegiatan  IMG-20160108-WA0005

Rakor 2: 26 Februari 2016

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The innovation cluster of ICT start-up companies in developing countries: case of Bandung, Indonesia

The innovation cluster of ICT start-up companies in developing countries: case of Bandung, Indonesia, Int. J. Learning and Intellectual Capital, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2015

Wawan Dhewanto, Donald C. Lantu, Sri Herliana and Grisna Anggadwita

Abstract: Innovation is one of critical success factors in determining industrial productivity and competitiveness. In order to foster its national innovation system, Indonesia, as a developing country, has set a goal to introduce innovations in all social and economic sectors for promoting industries in those sectors and then creating a knowledge-based economy. Among widely-recognised approaches to achieve such kind of goal, clustering is one that offers effectiveness and efficiency in promoting competitiveness and economic growth of a region, hence accelerates the economic growth at national level. Of many economic sectors in Indonesia, ICT is arguably a large and rapidly growing sector in the country. The sector is known as a technologically advanced one and is considered as a strategic driver of national as well as regional economic developments. This study aims to explore clusters of innovation in existing ICT start-up companies in Indonesia. Qualitative method is taken as the research method by conducting in-depth interviews with ICT entrepreneurs in Regional IT Center of Excellence (RICE) Bandung, Indonesia. The paper can be referred by further researches which may attempt to investigate innovation clusters in any kind of ICT-based industries.

Keywords: innovation; competitiveness; national innovation system; innovation cluster; knowledge-based economy; ICT sectors; Regional IT Center of Excellence; RICE

The Analysis of the Correlation between Academic Success and The Entrepreneurial Success in Telkom University

The Analysis of the Correlation between Academic Success and The Entrepreneurial Success in Telkom University, International Journal of Basic and Applied Science

Shielda Fahreisa Ranie, Grisna Anggadwita

Abstract –

The objective of the study is to test whether there is a positive and significance correlation between academic success and entrepreneurial success or not. Population of the study is two hundred and the sampling used in this study is non-probability purposive sampling which resulted to 127 samples. This research is a quantitative with causal study. Likert scale used to measure each items in the questionnaire. Multiple regression and descriptive-quantitative method will be used later to explain the result of the questionnaire.

Keywords – Entrepreneurship; Academic Success; Entrepreneurial Success; Studentpreneur; Success Factor.

The influence of personal attitude and social perception on women entrepreneurial intentions in micro and small enterprises in Indonesia

The influence of personal attitude and social perception on women entrepreneurial intentions in micro and small enterprises in Indonesia , Int. J. Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 27, Nos. 2/3, 2016

Grisna Anggadwita and Wawan Dhewanto


Indonesia has a broad potential to encourage women entrepreneurship. This paper aims to analyse the role of personal attitude and social perceptions to explore women entrepreneurial intentions who are involved in MSEs. Psychological characteristics and individual competencies are posited as the basis of analysis. Respondents are 222 women entrepreneurs involved in MSEs in Indonesia. This study uses quantitative method with the analysis of structural equation modelling (SEM) to test the hypothesis. The results indicate that personal attitude as mediator of women entrepreneurial intentions are significantly influenced by psychological characteristics and individual competencies; while psychological characteristics are proved to have influence on individual competencies. The study also shows that social perception is not directly influencing the intention, yet significantly influencing personal attitude. Studies on the women entrepreneurs are still quite limited, so the study is expected to contribute to the existing literature on women entrepreneurship research.

Keywords: women entrepreneurship; women entrepreneurial intention; personal attitude; social perception; MSEs; structural equation modelling; SEM; psychological characteristics; individual competencies.

Development Strategy for Improving Local Economy Potential: A Case Study of Binong Jati Knitting Industrial Center, Bandung – Indonesia

Development Strategy for Improving Local Economy Potential: A Case Study of Binong Jati Knitting Industrial Center, Bandung – Indonesia, International Journal of Basic and Applied Science

Yuhana Astuti , Grisna Anggadwita , Fadly Anggriawan Putra

Abstract – Industrial Center is one of the sectors that contribute in improving local economy potential of a region. Binong Jati Knitting Industrial Center is one of the local economy potential of communities in Bandung city, Indonesia. The development strategies in industrial centers are needed to improve the local industries competitiveness both nationally and internationally, particularly in facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which would into force in January of 2016. This research aims to develop a competitiveness strategy for Binong Jati Knitting Industrial Center in Bandung, Indonesia. Data were analyzed using Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) to identify the main competitors and to understand the competition among other industries. A SWOT matrix was analyzed based on the analysis of Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) and external factor evaluation (EFE). Furthermore, A Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) was used in mapping the alternative strategies priority for the competitiveness of the Binong Jati Knitting Industrial Center. The results show that businesses in Binong Jati Knitting Industrial Center need to implement an aggressive strategy. The strategy development that needs to be implemented for the SMEs as a top priority is market penetration, by expanding the market share for existing products through the better marketing efforts.

Key Words – AEC; Competitiveness Strategy; Local Economiy; QSPM; SWOT.