Objective Sub KK SMDM

The purpose of the Strategic Management and Decision Making interest group is providing an in-depth review of the actions taken by national and global companies to embed responsible practices into their strategies.

Objectives Sub KK HCTD

The objectives of the HUMAN CAPITAL AND TALENT Development interest group:

  1. To develop knowledge in human capital management that will support the creation of an effective leader characters as well as to share faculty latest researches with corporate members, who in turn benefit from numerous opportunities to network with fellow HR executives from around the country
  2. To create and to cultivate environments in which human beings can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes

Objective Sub KK SSBD

The purpose of the Start Up and Small Business Development interest group is to give students practical insight and enrich entrepreneurship theories with ICT aspect. In addition, the establishment of network with academician, business, communities, and government are also the first step in future global sustainability development.

Objectives Sub KK EPS

The purpose of the Economics and Public Policy Study interest group are:

  1. To foster research that increases our understanding of how behavioural factors impact the decisions of economic agents, including consumers, firms and financial market participants
  2. To serve as a hub for public policy research and business ICT education
  3. To conduct academics research, which policy-relevant by regularly engage with government, NGOs, community, and development agencies