Elvira Aziz, SE., MT

Personal Information

NIP/ NIDN          :13731211-1/ 0403127301

JFA                     : L

email                   :vira.azis@gmail.com

Google Scholar  : Elvira.telkomuniversity@gmail.com

Educational Background

  • Industrial Engineering, S2, Institut  Teknologi  Bandung
  • Economics, S1, Universitas Padjajaran

Research Area

Economics and Policy Study:

  • Profit Cycle, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Public Welfare
  • Industrial Organization and Corporate Development

Research Topic

Smart city, Public policy, Corporate social responsibility


  • The Analysis of Telkomsel Mobile Broadband Services Customer Loyalty Factors With Confirmatory Factor Analysis Modelling In Bandung 2015. The 6thSeminar & Conference on Business & Technology in ICT Industry (SCBTII 2015)
  • How can Big Data Support Learning Process? A case study in organization internal Healthcare Provider.  Vol2 – No2, August 2014, ISSN: 2354-6603