The Interest Group of Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Economics (SEE) is an interest group (in Bahasa Indonesia it is called as Kelompok Keahlian and abbreviated as “KK”) that was legally established under the management of School of Economic and Business (SEB) of Telkom University (Tel-U). As an interest group, SEE strongly believe on the utilization of multi-diciplinary approaches in research to solve problems with high degree of complexities in order to further contribute on the transformation of global ICT business.

Currently, there are 4 sub-interest groups under SEE:

  1. Sub KK Economics and Policy Study(Sub KK EPS)
  2. Sub KK Start Up and Small Business Development(Sub KK SSBD)
  3. Sub KK Human Capital and Talent Development(Sub KK HCTD)
  4. Sub KK Strategic Management and Decision Making(Sub KK SMDM)


SEE is the home of  36 academicians and researchers that are spread across 3 study programs: undergraduate program of management, undergraduate program of accounting, and postgraduate program of management. The general statistics of SEE members are shown as follow:

The above statistics may change at anytime since SEE encourages all of the members to earn doctorate and formal recognition as lecturers.