Fajar Sidiq Adi Prabowo

Fajar Sidiq Adi Prabowo

Personal Information

Fajar Sidiq Adi Prabowo S.E., MBA / NIP : 14821494-1 / NIDN : 0419108201

email: fajarmotekar@gmail.com / fajarmotekar@telkomuniversity.ac.id


Research Topic

Business Incubator Model Development, Strategic Design Thingking and Organizational Creativity, Innovation Appraisal Method

Honor And Awards

  1. Best Student of The Year STIE Tridharma 2005
  2. Best Graduate of The Year STIE Tridharma
  3. Best Achiever of several courses in MBA-ITB
  4. Batch Champion of Business and Strategy Simulation in MBA-ITB
  5. Best Employee in Orientation Phase in PT. Lion Super Indo
  6. Awarded for Excellent Performance As The Coach of HIPMI Telkom University
  7. Best Lecturer of Study Program MBTI 2015

Publications And Previous Projects

  1. Fajar S. A. Prabowo, R. Aswin Rahadi (2015) David vs. Goliath: Uncovering The Future of Traditional Market in Indonesia. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (MJSS) Vol.6, No.5.
  2. Aswin Rahadi, Fajar S. A. Prabowo, Alia Widyarini Hapsariniaty (2015) Synthesis of Traditional Marketplace Studies in Indonesia. International Research Journal of Business and Technology (IARJ-BT)
  3. Magfirah, Dini T Alamanda, Adhi Prasetyo, Fajar S. A. Prabowo, A. Ramdhani (2014) E-Business Analysis of Garut University (UNIGA) Using The Business Model Canvas. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) Vol.3, Issue 6.
  4. R. Aswin Rahadi, Fajar S. A. Prabowo, Alia Widyarini Hapsariniaty (2013) Love At The First Sight: How Restaurant Building Materials Can Influence Sales. Sustainable Culture, Architecture, and Nature (SCAN) #4 17 May 2013

Community Service

  1. LPPM 2015. Tim Dosen MBTI. Pelatihan Manajemen Bagi Pengusaha Penginapan dan Perhotelan di Kota Garut. 9 Desember 2015
  2. 2015. Tim Dosen MBTI. Pengembangan Kewirausahaan Panti Asuhan di Kota Bandung. Februari 2015
  3. 2012. Tim Dosen MBTI. Pelatihan IPTEK Tepat Guna Bagi UKM. November 2012.
  4. Non-LPPM. 2012. Tim Dosen MBTI. Kegiatan Bakti Sosial Pada Yayasan Pembinaan dan Asuhan Bunda Cab. Jawa Barat

Book and Module

  1. Fajar S. A. Prabowo. 2012. Modul Penyusunan Laporan Keuangan Sederhana Bagi UKM.
  2. Fajar S. A. Prabowo. 2015. Modul Lembar Kerja Penyusunan Rencana Bisnis Bagi UKM.

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